Corinto Starfires from Corinto Region, Brazil

 Exciting News!

Rocksity proudly introduces Corinto Starfires! Acquired from the Corinto Region, Brazil, in 2022, these specimens showcase a unique, multi-layered, parallel growth habit that envelops a central, clear quartz crystal.

Mineralogically classified as Pegmatite, a coarse-grained igneous rock formed from magma or lava with high volatile fluid content, they encompass a range of colors to include red, grey-black, to white-cream. The overwhelming majority of the find are red! 

Many Corinto Starfires feature their namesake star-burst-like inclusions of goethite and red hematite veining.Key findings from extensive laboratory testing reveal the specimens display a thin overgrowth of secondary quartz on the rhombohedral faces, aligning parallel to the main crystal. 

Trace element composition increases slightly in the overgrowth, suggesting a quenching process due to pressure loss. The mineralized cavity experienced oversaturation, leading to an ADDITIONAL rapid parallel overgrowth formation on top of the secondary parallel overgrowth.

Notably, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh and Harvard University Mineralogical and Geological Museum in Cambridge have accessioned these unique Pegmatites into their renowned collections, emphasizing their exceptional nature.  We are elated to share in this honor with our friend from Brazil, from whom we acquired these fascinating specimens.

For crystal healing enthusiasts, it is important to note that Corinto Starfires, mined in the Corinto Region (located approximately 431 kilometers away from Cristalina, where Dreamcoat Lemurians are mined), are distinctly separate from Dreamcoat Lemurians.These distinctions arise from their (1) locale, (2) unique multi-layered parallel growth habit and (3) the absence of “Lemurian” quartz crystal at their core.

Photo Credit: @MineralMasterpiece  

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