Alien Eye Fluorite

The 2007 discovery of "Alien Eye" Fluorites remains a highly coveted milestone for both fluorite collectors and enthusiasts in the mineral community. 

These extraordinary crystals are widely regarded as one of the most sought-after treasures in the field. Only a few elusive pockets of these remarkable specimens were ever found, and their distinctive formationhas yet to be replicated.

Upon their intial release, demand for these unique fluorites surged, leading to a rapid distribution of the limited quantity available. Today, the opportunity to aquire them arises almost exclusively from the circulation of older collections, like this Ex. Pohl-Stroher collection's exquisite small cabinet piece.

Dr. Erika Pohl- Stroher, renowned for her unwavering passion for African minerals, maintained an extensive network of scouts who tirelessly scoured various locations. Through her resourcefulness, she cultivated a special connections with trusted sources in Namibia, enabling her to secure an impressive suite of these specimens well before they entered the market.

The specimen featured in this article  was acquired from her distinguished collection and currently resides in the "Rocksity Vault".

This engaging fluorite with phantoms cluster from the famous deposits at Erongo is composed of several bi-colored, bright green and purple-black zoned fluorite crystals to 2.4cm across.  It makes for an outstanding small cabinet piece with the fluorites diplaysing dominant cube forms with slight octahedral modifications.  The fluorite crystals are transparent to translucent with satin luster and display pronounced zoning bright, almost emerald green cores with purple-black  corners and finally, a 1 to 2 mm light green rim. The crystals are in excellent condition and have 1mm snow-hite Albite crystals on the bottom of the cluster.

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