BG3 Crystals

Crystal adaptogens, renowned for their extraordinary Centering Vibration, hold a unique place in the realm of energy healing. Many of these remarkable crystals originate from small deposits, often nestled in locations that are remote and challenging to access. It's intriguing to consider that these crystals may have absorbed their adaptogenic qualities from the unusually beneficial natural vibrations of these locations – what indigenous traditions sometimes refer to as “Sacred Power Spots” – imbuing them with a strong Centering Vibration.

As a seasoned energy healing facilitator and intuitive empath, my journey with crystal adaptogens has been one of discovery and discernment. Recognizing the importance of authenticity and accurate information, Rocksity has been captivated by BG3 since 2022.

Before we delve into the topic of Crystal Adaptogens any further...

🌟It is crucial to recognize that not all Citrine sourced from a specific mine or location known for producing BG3 specimens possess this coveted attribute. We have encountered specimens during our selection process that revealed little to none of the Centering Vibration. However, these captivating citrines were made available for purchase at shows & online, exclusively celebrated for their exquisite beauty.

Crystal adaptogens possess a universal balancing energy, characterized by their high Centering Vibrations. This energy facilitates balance in people, animals, plants, and environments where it is applied. Additionally, it harmonizes the effects of secondary vibrations within the crystals, making them more absorbable and less overwhelming for humans.  

While each adaptogenic crystal shares the common trait of high-intensity Centering Vibration, they exhibit diverse secondary vibrations, each with its unique healing qualities:

  1. Recharging the energy field of humans and other living beings, and even rejuvenating other stones with depleted energy.
  2. Absorbing detrimental energy and transmuting it into Centering Energy Vibrations.
  3. Manifesting intentions in the physical world by constantly energizing thought forms, as seen in BG3 Citrine.
  4. Calming and clearing the emotions and mind, providing powerful and almost instantaneous stress reduction.

We have dedicated ourselves to acquiring comprehensive training & expertise in discerning the true energetic qualities of authentic BG3 crystals, to include BG3 Citrine. By delving into the intricacies of these remarkable crystals, Rocksity is equipped with the knowledge & skill to accurately detect & evaluate the genuine energetic attributes that define BG3. We are deeply committed to upholding the integrity of these remarkable specimens.

Thoughtfully tested and selectively chosen, each individual specimen in our collection undergoes a thorough evaluation to ascertain its authenticity and resonance. In a market where misinformation or profit-driven motives can influence decisions, it's crucial to clarify the facts. That's why we offer a certificate of authenticity with every purchase, providing assurance that each individual crystal has been energetically tested and validated.

Crystal adaptogens offer profound healing potential, supported by centuries of tradition and contemporary scientific understanding. With authenticity, integrity, and a commitment to excellence, Rocksity invites you to explore the transformative power of these remarkable crystals on your journey toward holistic well-being.


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Source: The Vesica Institute

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